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Advertise. Get noticed.

Advertising your business in the Springview Herald continues to be an economical, effective means of reaching potential customers and keeping their business in the local area. The Springview Herald is always grateful for the opportunity to meet new customers, and for the working relationships they have with so many of their faithful clients. Their goal is to promote and attract THEIR readers to YOUR business. 



  • Display advertising rates    $5.75 / column inch

  • Classified line ad    $0.25 / word with a $5.00 minimum

  • Signature ads    $10.00 / each

  • Business Directory    $5.75 / column inch

  • School/Sports Directory    $9.00 / week throughout school year

  • Church Directory    $5.00 / each week

  • Rack Sales    $1.00

  • Inserts  -  Costs vary, contact office for pricing

Published: Wednesdays

Submission Deadline: Mondays at 12:00 Noon

Circulation: 700


Publishing your business in newspapers is a win for your local business and the local economy.


Current Springview Herald advertising rates

Nebraska Public Notices website

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